5 Reasons to use TUTUApp over Google Play Store

TUTUAppTUTUApp is a third party app store for android devices. TUTUApp has one of the biggest collections of apps and games that you can get for free for your android device. TUTUApp works well with android devices that do not have root access. The only bad thing about it is that the app store is in Chinese and you will need to use Google translate to know what the in app instructions mean.


TUTUApp is one of the best Google play store alternatives. Let us see all the main reasons TUTUApp is better than the official Google play store, the list of 5 Reasons to Use TUTUApp over Google Play Store is given below.

Why TUTUApp?

  1. Free Apps: All the apps in the TUTUApp app store are available for free. You can buy any apps and as many apps you want without having to spend any money to download and use them.
  2. Free Music: You can also get free music from the TUTUApp app store. TUTUApp has a huge collection of all the new songs which all the TUTUApp users can download on their devices for free.
  3. Modified Apps: TUTUApp provides slightly modified versions of almost all the popular apps which make them a lot more fun to use and give the apps some added functions which we do not get in the original apps
  4. APK Download: The apps that you download from TUTUApp app store come as APKs which you can use to install the app on other devices as well. You can also save the downloaded APK and install the app anytime later.
  5. Faster Updates: TUTUApp provides fast updates of all the apps , even before it is available on the official Google play store.

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