How to Fix TUTUApp Certificate Revoke?

The current buzz among the TUTUApp users is that many of the TUTUApp app market users have been saying that the application crashed or suddenly stopped and users may have come across the word that their TUTUApp Certificate Revoked. This is when the user is using the free version of the TUTUApp and not the paid version. We understand how important TUTUApp is for the iOS users as it provides everything for free. Here’s an easy fix if your TUTUApp Certificate Revoked.



What is Certificate Revoke?

Many of the applications that you download from third party installers crash or stop working after sometime, this is because Apple revokes the developer certificate of the installer you used to download any specific application. Apple basically does this to keep your device safe and secure.

What is NessTool?

This application is for all those who don’t have access to a jailbroken device. NessTool is a VPN which lets your device block the Apple’s servers. This application is safe to use as it only blocks Apple’s server ( using its DNS servers. NessTool is compatible with the firmware iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Steps to Fix TUTUApp Certificate Revoke.

  • To Fix the TUTUApp Certificate Revoke you must first delete the app completely. You could lose all your data while doing this so it is recommended to save it.
  • Now you will need to install NessTool via TUTUApp.
  • Search NessTool in the search box of the app and install it.
  • Wait for it to Install then tap ‘Allow’ on the pop which directs you to settings.
  • Now on the Install Profile Screen tap ‘Install’ button in the top right corner.
  • Tap ‘next’ at the Consent Screen and tap ‘Install’ on the Warning Screen.
  • Tap ‘Install’ again for the final time.
  • The Profile will now be successfully Installed and you are good to go.
  • You have to make sure that your adblocker is always on in the background.
  • You’re all done and ready to use the TUTUApp app market and don’t have to worry about getting your certificate revoked.

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