TUTUApp iOS 11

TUTUApp is a third party Chinese app market which is one of the most trending applications. TUTUApp is a boon for all the iOS users as it provides free applications and games. So now the iOS users don’t need to pay such hefty amounts for all the premium applications and for all the features the App Store provides, instead they can just download TUTUApp app market and browse for their favourite applications, games, movies, e-books, and much more as the TUTUApp app market has a wide range of applications.There is no need to jailbreak your Apple device in order to download and run the TUTUApp.



iOS 11 was announced by the Apple Inc. at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2017 and finally released on 19 September 2017, being the successor of its previous version iOS 10, the iOS 11 has significant improvements. The iOS 11 is the eleventh major release of the iOS operating system. There are several changes in the iOS 11 as all the notifications are directly shown on the lock-screen because the notifications center and lock screen are now combined. The iOS 11 now helps the user get custom settings as several pages of the Control Center are unified. Even the App Store now focuses on editorial content and daily highlights. There is a ‘File’ file manager application which lets the user access its files directly and in the cloud services too. The Siri in the new iOS 11 now uses a privacy minded ‘on device learning’ method to be more user friendly and understand the needs of the user and can translate between languages. The camera has several new features added to it, on of them is that it has the new and improved portrait mode photos and it uses encoding technique to reduce the file size.

Download TUTUApp on iOS 11

  1. Download TUTUApp for your iOS device (iPhone/iPad)
  2. Proceed with the installation of the app once done;
  3. Navigate to Settings >> General >> Device Management and Profiles >> Select TUTUApp’s certificate >> “Trust this app”.
  4. The app will be ready to use on the home screen.

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