List of 5 Best Apps on TUTUApp Store

TUTUApp is a third party app store which provides apps and games for android and iOS devices. You can even get paid apps for free on TUTUApp store.


TUTUApp is jam packed with awesome features that make it such a fun platform to download apps and use them. TUTUApp also provide slightly modified versions of the popular games or apps that are way more fun to use than the original versions.

TUTUApp store is filled with awesome apps, let us explore the list of 5 Best Apps on TUTUApp Store, list is given below.


Snapchat++ Modified

The tweaked version of the Snapchat app lets you save the images that other post on their pages and you can also save the videos from Snapchat++ app itself which was impossible before.

Old Facebook Messenger

Don’t you miss the old messenger app without stories and other useless modifications? You can have all that back and make it simple and efficient again by downloading and installing the old messenger app from 


Snapseed is a paid app that helps you edit your photos and give it a more cinematic look by changing brightness, contrast, saturation etc and you can also take photos directly from this app which you can download directly from TUTUApp

Wynk Music

Wynk Music app downloaded from TUTUApp app store lets you listen to any music in high definition and you can also download any song that you like on your phone or tablet.


Netflix app downloaded from TUTUApp lets you access all the collection of Movies, TV shows etc without you having to subscribe to their service and give subscription fee. Netflix modified makes entertainment very cheap and affordable.

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