List of 5 Best Games on TUTUApp Store

TUTUApp is the fastest growing third party app store in the world which provides apps and games for smart phones and tablets. You can download apps from TUTUApp app store that support both android and iOS devices. TUTUApp also provides games for both platforms. You can get the best collection of hacked games on the TUTUApp app store and you can download any of those games for free!


Let us dive right into the game collection of TUTUApp app store and find out the 5 Best Games on TUTUApp App Store, list of these games is given below.

Pokemon Go

TUTUApp version of the Pokemon Go is so much more fun to play than the regular one. You can find exotic Pokemons in the tweaked version of Pokemon Go and navigate to any location you desire without moving your feet.

Need For Speed

Need For Speed is a paid game in apple app store and android play store but you can get this highly addictive car race game for free on TutuApp app store which has mind blowing graphics and a very intelligent physics engine.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas was only available on PC until recently when GTA was released for Android as well. In the TUTUApp version of GTA San Andreas you can hear all the dialogues too.


Assassin’s creed Identity

Enjoy Assassin’s creed Identity on your android and iOS devices for free using the TUTUApp app store. Assassin’s creed Identity is the most popular first person combat android game right now.

Clash of Clans

TUTUApp makes Clash of Clans more fun than it already is by giving you unlimited money by which you can buy troops and dominate the world!

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