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Ever wonder how an app or game you love suddenly crashes and you get a pop-up message that the certificate of this application has been revoked well this happens because Apple keeps a regular check on your device and revokes the certificate of the apps which you have downloaded from other sources. NessTool app is kind of a tool which doesn’t let Apple revoke your certificate of the third party app or apps you download on your device. NessTool is available to download for the iPad and iPhone. This tool creates a VPN in your device as soon as you download this app that doesn’t let the Apple servers detect the third party apps you’re using hence no certificate revoke for any of the apps you love. Finally a key thing is that you need  to ensure that this app up to date in order to keep it working perfectly.



Most of the apps and games on the App Store are for a price which the user has to bear in order to use those apps. TUTUApp is an app market which allows the user to download all those premium apps and games for free. TUTUApp app market lets the iOS user download all type of tweaked and modded apps as well. It is a third party application which lets the user get all the benefits of the paid apps, with no cost at all. It is very easy to download TUTUApp app market for you iOS device.

Download NessTool via TUTUApp

  • Open Safari and go to tutuapp.vip website.
  • Download TUTUApp app market for Android / iOS / PC.
  • Tap ‘Install’ on the pop-up.
  • Wait for the app to install.
  • Being a third party app you need to give it permission to download.
  • Go to Settings >> General settings >> tap on “Trust TUTUApp”
  • Go the the home screen and launch TUTUApp.
  • Search for Nesstool.
  • Download the first suggestion.

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