TUTUApp iOS 11.4

TUTUAppMost awaited iOS 11.4 update is finally here, Apple already announced iOS 12 at Worldwide Developers Conference but it’s a long way till its release, iOS 11.4 is now out and is available for all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices. It comes it some major updates including AirPlay 2 support, Messages on iCloud is much more improved and ClassKit support is provided. There are new wallpapers added for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices which come as an addition to this update. Now let’s get into some detail of these updates, AirPlay 2 is just like AirPlay but now you can add multi-room support and stereo playing as well for Apple TV and HomePod, it has multi device control in its Home app, so you can play audio on different devices at the same time. Do note that with its wireless functions if you happen to get disconnected from your Wifi even for a second, the connection gets lost, otherwise it has a tight sync with great responsiveness.Messages in iCloud was something that Apple already tested with its beta release in iOS 11.3 and made significant improvements, This features simply allows your device to sync text messages on all your iOS devices so even if you switch your device while texting say from your iPhone to iPad and vice versa, you won’t be able to tell the difference in your text messages as your devices will be i complete sync. If you delete messages on one device they will already be deleted on all other devices in which your have iCloud logged in.



Having an iOS device is already quite expensive on top of that you have to pay for all kinds of stuff like apps, games, songs, etc. TUTUApp is a third party app store that you can download on your iOS device, it provides all the same content available on app store and more, TUTUApp has everything for free and you don’t even have to provide your ID to start downloading from TUTUApp. It is very simple to download TUTUApp on iOS 11.4 with the steps mentioned below.

Download TUTUApp on iOS 11.4.

  1. Simply launch Safari browser.
  2. Download TUTUApp.
  3. Wait for TUTUApp to download.
  4. Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust TUTUApp”.
  5. Now you can download your favourite apps and games without having to pay a dime.

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