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We all know about the overpriced apps on Google play store. All the simple games like Leo’s fortune priced so high that not every person can buy it. If only there was some way to get all the premium paid apps for free and there is, TUTUApp v2.2.06 is the all new version of this very popular third party app store that provides all the premium apps and games for free for all android devices! Now you do not have to pay the ridiculous price to enjoy premium apps on your phone.

You do not even need a rooted android device; there are separate versions of the app available for the respective configurations. TUTUApp has a dedicated media library where you can get all the latest music tracks and download them on your device for free! You can also get free ringtones, comics etc, this app store gives you lots of options to choose from. If you are tired of using the same old applications like Instagram and Snapchat and need a little more fun with them, you can download the tweaked version of these applications from TUTUApp app store. You can also download the hacked versions of all the popular games.

You may face some problems understanding the options in TUTUApp v2.2.06 app store because it is in Chinese. You can use any translator to translate the text in English and you will be able to navigate your through the simple interface of this app store and download apps and games efficiently and for free. TUTUApp is a perfect replacement to Google play store because it is free, you get more fun apps, you can download music for free and it does not require any signing in. This third party app store has plenty of exclusive features and perks which no other third party app store has. Best thing is that you can get TUTUApp for all your devices.

Download TUTUApp v2.2.06 APK

  1. Download TUTUApp_v2_2_06.apk
  2. Install it as usual.
  3. Run TUTUApp and use provided search bar to download free apps!

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