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Do not have a rooted Android device and still want to download paid apps for free? Fear not because TUTUApp APK is here. Now you do not have to pay for the apps you download on your smart phone. Download the all new version of this third party app store on your mobile and get cool apps and games just one tap away. If you do not have TUTUApp app store on your phone you are missing out on so much whereas you could be saving a lot of money on apps if you tried TUTUApp APK v2.2.09 which is the latest updated version of this app store.


TUTUApp is very popular and its popularity is growing by the day because of all the cool features and free apps you can find right at one spot. You do not even need any other entertainment app because this third party app store even lets you download free music and if you want you can download an entire movie. You will just need a translator to translate all the text which you see in the app store while downloading apps which will not take long.

Download TUTUApp v2.2.09 APK

Among many, one of the the cool thing about TUTUApp is that it is available for both iOS and android devices and you do not need a jailbroken or rooted device to run TUTUApp and download free apps!

  1. Download TUTUApp_v2_2_09.apk
  2. Install it on your android device like any other app
  3. If android security blocks the installation process heads toward “Device Settings -> Apps Management -> Tick install apps from Unknown Sources.
  4. Restart the installation process -> follow the screen -> complete the installation.
  5. Now open app drawer and run TUTUApp your android smartphone, cheers!

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